Privacy policy

SFC corporation which runs SIVYL production (following our company) determines our privacy policy (following our policy) about user's personal information that is all services (following our service) about SIVYL production's management to consider the importance of personal information's protection.

Article 1 (Personal information)

"Personal information (Personal data)" indicates "Personal information" about Personal Information Protection Law that we indicate it that is regarding a living person's information such as a name, date of birth, address, phone number, contact, and looking, fingerprint, voiceprint data, and a health insurance card's person number that can be recognized a specific person (Personal identification information).

Article 2 (A way of collecting personal information)

Our company collects a user's name, date of birth, address, phone number, mail address, and bank account number using an appropriate method when a user signs up for our service. In addition, we may collect information about transaction records and settlements including user's personal information between users and our partner's companies (Information provider, advertiser, and advertisement delivery platform, etc. following our partner).

Article 3 (Purpose of collecting and using personal information)

Article 4 (A change of purpose of using)

We change the purpose of personal information when a purpose of using is recognized rationally that it has relevance to the previous one. If we change the purpose of using, we announce information that why we do that to users or on our website in our method.

Article 5 (Offer personal information to the third person)

We do not provide the user's personal information to the third person without the user's agreement except for the following situations. However, it is not included the following situations.

Article 6 (Disclose of personal information)

When the person asks for disclosing the person's personal information, we disclose personal information to the person without delay after checking the offer is requested by the person. However, we may decide not to disclose all or part of the information, and if we decide not to disclose the information, we will notify you to that effect without delay.

Article 7 (Deletion or revision of personal information)

Users can ask for revising, deleting, and adding (following revising, etc.) personal information using our company's process if we have incorrect personal information about them(you).
When we have made corrections, etc. based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or has decided not to make corrections, etc., we will notify the User of such decision without delay.

Article 8 (Entrust to a third party)

If we entrust personal information to others, we select appropriate outsourcings and contract them regarding personal information's protection. In addition, we supervise appropriately our outsourcings.

Article 9 (A change of privacy policy)

We change our privacy policy without announcing to adapt social backgrounds, technology improvements, and a change of Personal Information Protection Law, and so on.

Article 10(Contact)

Please contact us if you have a question about this policy.

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