Guidelines for Derivative Works

SIVYL production (following, "our production") run by SFC corporation (following, "our company") has created a guideline regarding derivative works activities for an individual person or organizations which are not companies.

Article 1 (The scope of application of the guideline)

The application of the rules in the guideline is the character's derivative works activities who belong to our production which our company has its copyrights.
What derivative works activities are the activity which is adding new creative stuff to original content to create new copyrighted work.
Just copying our contents or the almost same acts are not derivative works activities. Please be careful that these acts are not applied by the rules of the guideline.

Article 2 (Requirements for use)

Our company allows an individual person or organizations which are not companies to release and distribute our character's derivative works stuff. It is not necessary to ask for requesting us before you use our characters in individual or fan fiction stories without some business. However, we prohibit to release and distribute of it related to the following situations.

  • A use of the negative image instilled.
  • A use of disturbing the public order and morals.
  • A use of causing misunderstanding of our products.
  • Use of others copyright infringement, or endangering any right.
  • The use of inappropriate acts is up to our company decisions, etc.
Article 3 (About selling)

We allow an individual person or organizations which are not companies to sell our products to make expenses (not to earn money) such as production costs, printout costs, exhibition costs, or transportation fees.
However, if we judge derivative works activities that cannot be anticipated by our assumptions or can be an excess of a big business even activities of an induvial person or organizations which are not companies, we might prohibit you to stop doing that. We decide whether your activity is an excess of a big business or not considering producing quantity, sales price, production properties, and so on.

A separate license is required for corporate use or use for other commercial or for-profit purposes. Please be sure to contact us in advance via "CONTACT".

Article 4(A use of derivative works products by our company)

When a creator publishes our derivative works products, it is assumed that the creator has given permission for our company and our artists to use the derivative works products without charge and without restrictions on location, region, or duration and We may publish, distribute, introduce, or otherwise use the derivative works products in live streaming, SNS (Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and other artist activities without prior confirmation. (In addition, we might edit the products a little bit not to lose the product's consistency.

Article 5 (Guideline violation)

We entrust creators who create derivative works decisions the range of usage of permission in this guideline, but when we suspect of guideline violation, we will discuss and deal with it.
When third-party contacts(call) us about guideline violation, we do not guide it individually whether it is guideline violation or not.

Article 6 (A change of the guideline)

Our company can change the guideline whenever. When it is changed, we definitely work in conformity with the latest guideline.
Besides, our company does not guarantee any damage or loss due to a change of the guideline. Thank you for your understanding.