About sending a gift

Please send a gift for artists belonged to the SIVYL to the address below.
Currently, we only accept letters, colored papers and illustrations.

◆ The place(address)for the gifts

3F v Shibuya navi 5-5 Maruyamacho Shibuya-ku Tokyo
SFC corporation 〇〇(name of artist) in charge

◆ Currently, we have accepted these things

  • Letters
  • Colored papers
  • Illustrations

◆ Notes

  • Needed to write down (SFC corporation) and (Name of artists) when you send
  • Please refrain from contacting directly the address above.
  • It’s acceptable to the normal sized envelopes which are length 34cm /width 25cm, besides a gift which is inside of the normal-sized package of the post office is fine.
  • If you don’t follow the rule above, we may not be able to accept gifts.
  • In addition, even if unacceptable gifts are sent to us, we afraid that we disposal the gifts.
  • When we check gifts and we consider the gifts are not acceptable for our artists, we don’t give it to them.
  • We may have an opportunity to accept gifts when events or something hold.